The Citrusvil campaign advances at a steady pace

The rapid action against COVID-19 allowed the company to quickly adapt to the situation in order to continue operating within the restrictions implemented in the framework of the pandemic.

Citrusvil began the 2020 season of exports to the US

With an exclusive packaging for the US market, the company aims to triple its shipments to the northern country.

Citrusvil continues working to guarantee the supply of its products

Despite the pandemic, the citrus company took the necessary measures to continue the campaign and ensure the supply of lemons throughout the world.

We invest in continuous improvement

Citrusvil incorporated new technologies in its industrial plants, in order to provide them with greater flexibility in view of the diversity of the campaigns, and to maximize the fruit’s processing performance.

Technological innovation, the key to transforming the field

Citrusvil carries out tasks of optimization of agricultural machinery to generate better working conditions on farms, achieve sustainable production management and gain competitiveness in the market.

New technological system for identification of growers

Citrusvil designed and incorporated new technology to optimize the registration and control of harvesting personnel.

Pioneers in renewable energy generation from lemon

Citrusvil transforms biogas into electrical energy by processing citrus effluent, and injects the public network with a power of 3MW.

Campaign 2019: a commercial challenge for Citrusvil

Despite the complex season the sector experienced, it doubled its shipments to the United States, added new applications to the industrial products portfolio, and marked a new milestone in the sustainable management of renewable resources.

Sustainability, our key word

Citrusvil prioritizes sustainability in its processes and continues to drive environmental actions.

Research and Development (R&D). Developing added value to our products

Citrusvil has a team dedicated to research and development of new products.