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The World’s Largest Producer

Citrusvil supplies Lemon Products Globally. We are the largest Producers of Lemons and their Derivatives in the world; a Pioneer Industry in the Southern Hemisphere, with our operational headquarters located in the province of Tucumán, Argentina.
Our philosophy is based on achieving excellence, meeting the needs of our clients through sustainable processes.

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Products intended for the Beverages, Flavour & Fragrance Industries. Our products are used in the Production Processes of Carbonated Drinks, Ice Cream, Pectin and Dietary Fibers.


Essential oils are obtained by puncturing the lemon peel, a process that is carried out in a water tank, in order to prevent oil losses into the atmosphere. The oil and water form an emulsion which is then broken as water is separated from it through a process of centrifugation and filtration. After that, all insoluble compounds, referred to as “wax,” are extracted by sedimentation in cold storage. Later, after another round of filtering, refined “cold-press” oil is obtained.


Natural juice is obtained by squeezing lemons in extracting machines. Later, the juice is filtered, depulped, and pasteurised. In order to obtain concentrated juices, natural juice is subjected to a process of evaporation. As regards clear juices, a process of ultrafiltration is carried out before the concentration stage. Juices are finally cooled, packed and frozen to temperatures below -18 °C.


Pulp cells are separated from juice after the first stage of filtering, in which the seeds and peel are removed. After eliminating particles or defects of the pulp with hydrocyclones, the pulp cells are filtered again and concentrated to 50%. Then the pulp gets pasteurised and concentrated to more than 80%. Finally, it is packed and kept in cold storage below -18 °C.


After extracting the oil and the juice, the peel is subjected to a process of crushing, washing, draining and pressing, and it is subsequently dried in rotating ovens. Finally, it is compacted and packed. This product is marketed as a raw material for the extraction of Pectins, which are used as gelling and thickening agents in the food industry.

Some indicators





lemon plants

produced annually in our nursery

+ 7,000


of lemon orchards

2 Industrial Plants

350,000 MT

capacity per season

2 Packing Houses with

50,000 TN

capacity per season

Our products reach


in the 5 continents


Sustainable management system

At Citrusvil, we show our commitment towards food safety, the environment, and the health, safety and welfare of our workers through the following certifications

Production standards

2,000 MT

of Essential

Lemon Oil

17 MT

of Lemon

Essence Oil

26 MT

of Distilled

Lemon Oil

24,000 MT

of Concentrated

Lemon Juice (Cloudy and Clear)

Not From Concentrate (NFC)

Lemon Juice

3,000 MT

of Lemon

Pulp Cells

18,000 MT

of Dried

Lemon Peel

From Argentina to the world

Global presence


We supply fresh lemons, from the southern hemisphere to the rest of the world.

We take care of
every link of our value chain

Customized Solutions

We Develop Products According To Our Clients’ Needs

We firmly believe in the importance of team work and in the forging relationships under a shared vision focused on meeting the needs of our clients. Our team focuses on guaranteeing the highest possible quality of service to all our clients.

Research & Development

We Work Hard To Find Innovative Solutions To Meet Your Needs

Our experience and state-of-the-art technology make it possible for us to develop customized solutions and to move forward in our research efforts in order to improve our value chain, according to the requirements of the global market.

Control & Safety

We Supervise Our Processes To Guarantee Food Safety

Our professionals are constantly supervising the Physicochemical, Microbiological, Sensorial and Chromatographic measurements in order to ensure the Quality of our Products. Our lab’s persistent work is the key to an efficient control.

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