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Inspired By Our Values, We Promote Sustainability

At Citrusvil we prioritize sustainability in all our production processes; this is a commitment that has led us to develop a Sustainably Integrated Production System.

Citrusvil has the world’s first Lemon Effluent Treatment Plant, which is capable of generating Biogas and produce Electrical Energy from renewable sources.

Our commitment with the environment

Quality & Certifications

Our quality, your excellence

Citrusvil strives to provide products to the world in a Safe, Responsible and Sustainable way. We have been in the business for over 50 years, so we have a History of Responsible Work and Growth from the beginning.

We show our commitment with Quality, Safety, the Environment, and the Health, Safety and Welfare of our workers by means of the following Standards:


Preservation of Native Forests and their Biodiversity

  • In alliance with Fundación ProYungas, we work to integrate Production and Biodiversity Preservation
  • 5,200 hectares of Preserved Native Forests
  • For every productive hectare, we preserve 0.75 hectares of native forests
  • Don Vicente Private Natural Reserve spans 1,411 hectares; it was created in accordance with the requirements of the Red Argentina de Reservas Naturales Privadas (Argentine Network of Private Natural Reserves)

Sustainable Practices for the Benefit of Future Generations

We follow this approach in all our facilities, taking advantage of local and international knowledge to develop sustainable agricultural production practices which result in safe and healthy food products.

Our GAP-approach leads to the improvement of the practices in our orchards, especially as regards:

  • Food Safety
  • Workers’ Welfare
  • Sustainable Management of the Environment

    Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction

    Tackling climate change presents serious challenges, but it also offers huge opportunities. This is why we face the challenge at all the different stages of our production chain, through the following measures:

    • No Deforestation and preservation of Native Forests
    • Biogas generation in Closed Biodigesters
    • Substitution of natural gas consumption with Biogas
    • Generation of Electrical Energy from Biogas

    Taking Actions Towards a World Wthout Waste

    We have developed a program through which we seek to considerably reduce the generation of waste from the production processes, carrying out Waste Management Practices such as:

    • Waste Segregation Devices
    • Training on the Appropriate Classification of Waste
    • Special Treatment of Hazardous Waste
    • Specific Treatment of Organic Waste through Composting

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