The company tested the new devices for registration of harvesting personnel, which allow an exhaustive control of work authorizations and income to the farms, in addition to optimizing our extensive database and streamlining the processes of verification of people.

500,000 records capacity

Citrusvil has 24 productive units, of which 7,000Ha correspond to lemon plantations. Our farms, certified by the Global GAP, Global GAP GRASP and Sedex-SMETA standards, provide the fruit we export or industrialize.

We produce around 260,000 tons per year, and employ more than 4,500 workers during the harvest, between March and September.

Identity and income control

The Citrusvil harvesting process is carried out in a 100% outsourced manner, so we focus primarily on the training and training of labor suppliers, about the importance of the proper registration of all of our companies hired persons, who must have the corresponding legal authorization to work in the lemon farms.

Even being a temporary activity, it is the area with the highest number of workers during the campaign, and with a high level of rotation, so having an audit process has become a fundamental task for the company. Having an identity control in the access to farms, in addition to random audits both internal and external, turns out to be an elementary requirement to avoid fraud and prevent child labor.

In order to respond to this requirement, Citrusvil‘s harvest team worked on the development of an agile, safe and efficient income control team that meets the specific needs of the company.

“Over the years we have dabbled with various control systems, which for one reason or another failed. We decided then to develop a custom system to achieve efficient access control, which we managed to start applying in this last campaign, obtaining excellent results”

CPN Pablo Ordoñez
Chief harvest manager

A custom designed team

These devices consist of RFID readers (radiofrequency identification) that, upon contact with the identification card available to each worker, performs a reading of the microchip inserted in it, and throws the data of the harvester including his photo. In addition to being portable and small in size, they have a high storage capacity and satellite connection that allows instant transmission of information, making available to the company and contractors assistance data, number of staff per day, observations on each worker, name of the farm and type of cut made, among others.

“For now, we are only recording the presentism but, from the next harvest, we will begin to load productivity and make the corresponding settlements”

Ing. Jorge Arce
Citrusvil’s crop manager

ODS n°8: Decent work and economic growth

Lucci Group and Vicente Lucci Foundation prevent child labor in all its forms. We promote quality education, we defend childhood and the rights of the child, and we provide legal work by strengthening the communities in which we are present.

We design campaigns for the prevention of Child Labor, with the objective of denaturing this practice in rural communities, emphasizing the physical, psychological and social consequences of working children.