The coronavirus pandemic has placed the entire world facing great challenges and much uncertainty, since it is impacting all sectors of global society, such as families, industries, the market, health services and basic necessities, among others. Taking this context into account, and since agricultural activities cannot be stopped as they must ensure the supply of the entire food chain, Citrusvil joined this fight and immediately implemented the necessary actions to keep production active, taking care of the At the same time, the health and integrity of its collaborators.

In addition to reducing face-to-face work to the strictly necessary positions, the company activated preventive hygiene and safety protocols in all production units, seeking to prevent the spread of the virus, protect the health of people and guarantee the supply of healthy and safe products.

Citrusvil began the 2020 season with the expectation of exporting some 35,000 pallets of lemons, considering that this year its farms are offering a better quality of fruit, which will allow it to provide its customers with a product that meets their requirements. So far this season, the citrus fruit has already made its first shipments to markets such as Russia, Ukraine, Canada, the Far and Middle East.

People’s vulnerability to the possible contagion of this virus aroused the need to strengthen the immune system, so the demand for citrus has grown, accompanying the context and urging the population to stay as healthy as possible.

“COVID-19 brought about an increase in the consumption of lemon from the Vitamin C it contains”

Francisco Rotella
Fresh Fruit Commercial Manager at Citrusvil

This situation, added to the slowdown in shipments from Spain, also due to the pandemic beyond climate issues, puts the company facing a commercial advantage and the opportunity to meet the needs of a highly demanding market, covering the different destinations with their products.

“In any case, we have to be very cautious and we must carry out a correct reading of the market that allows us to make sound supply decisions” — said the manager of Fruta Fresca, and concluded — “From Citrusvil we will work proactively, trying to anticipate and complying, as always, with the responsible and sustainable supply of lemons, agreed with our clients ”.