In the midst of an uncertain landscape, caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Citrusvil continues to work to ensure the supply of its products to its customers.

As an agro-industrial company, and faced with the challenge of meeting the growing demand for citrus, the company redoubled its efforts to keep its production processes active and continue bringing its products closer to the world market, implementing the necessary preventive measures to care for health and integrity. of its collaborators, and guarantee healthy and safe products through the reliable and sustainable management that characterizes the company.

Despite being faced with more attractive business opportunities today, Citrusvil ratified the fulfillment of the initial commitments made with its US customers, assuring them of a sustained and responsible supply.

“Despite the difficult times we have to go through, our company continues to work to continue our production and bring our fresh lemons closer to all markets, without distinction whatsoever”

Francisco Rotella
Commercial Manager of Fresh Fruit at Citrusvil

In this way, although it had already made its first shipments to markets such as Russia, Ukraine, Canada, the Far and Middle East, Citrusvil officially began processing fresh fruit specifically destined for the United States.

In this regard, one of the company’s novelties in 2019 was the restructuring and conditioning of one of its packaging plants, dedicated exclusively to the United States market, complying with the demanding policies of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Through the Ischilón packaging, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, last year Citrusvil managed to double the volume of lemons exported to that country, reaching 2,000 tons. For this season, the company continued with investments to improve production efficiency, with the goal of sending 5,000 pallets, equivalent to approximately 6,000 tons of fresh fruit.

“All this positions us with a great competitive and comparative advantage, which will allow us to continue positioning ourselves before our clients as a strategic, reliable and responsible supplier”, concluded Rotella.