Citrusvil has a Research and Development (R&D) team that works with the aim of adding value and expanding the product portfolio. Its work is to carry out research processes that allow, on the one hand, to implement innovations to existing products, and on the other hand to develop prototypes of new products. “This space allows us to produce new products that the market requires. The Research and Development team promotes innovation, mobilizing us towards value aggregation,” says Marcelo Pérez,industrial head of Citrusvil’s B plant. Based on market interpretation and analysis, the team initiates the research process using its scientific know-how and then concludes about the feasibility of the projects. Research on essential oils, juices, pulp cells, lemon peel and derivatives will enhance the uses of these products in international markets. The role of these studies is aligned with Citrusvil’s business growth strategies that seek to identify and develop new market segments for existing products or, vice versa, to offer new products, with different to existing market segments.

The R&D sector at Citrusvil arises as a response to transformation and change in the global context of the competitive business world, in which our activity, like many others, is immersed. Looking to interpret and satisfy market trends. “Customers have become more demanding and claim more personalized products and services with high added value,” says Plant B’s head industrial officer, adding “we truly believe that we are on the right path, where we must continue to explore value aggregation alternatives to our chain.” 

In this sense, Citrusvil interprets innovation as a philosophy and incorporates it into its work culture, materializing in various scenarios, from the creation of new products, extension of the range of application of them, optimization of production processes through incorporation of cutting-edge technology and / or modifications in marketing processes whose borders extend to the personalized service to customers. “As of this year we produce juice Not From Concentrate (NFC) and our sales team is already introducing this product to the market,” explains Ing. Federico Sosa,Head of Research and Development at Citrusvil.

The company has been characterized by carrying out innovative change processes that have set precedents in the citral industry and have positioned Citrusvil in a place of privilege over efficient oil and juice extraction processes. “This was made possible by agreements and synergistic relationships with service and technology companies,” says Marcelo Pérez.

New challenges for pulp

Citrusvil has long produces pulp cells on Plant B and, as of this year, decided increase its production by installing the necessary infrastructure for the pulp production also at Plant A. With this investment, Citrusvil doubles the total capacity produced of pulp cells. “We innovate by development of our own pasteurizer. In addition, we make improvements in both the packaging room as in the product entry and egress system”, engineer Alberto Galván comments, industrial head of Plant A.

For its part, the commercial area has the expectations placed on the relevant market, there is a need to provide more pulp to customers. The challenge for Citrusvil is now studying, experimenting and incorporating in Plant A the know-how that owns Plant B relative to pulp production. “We are strengthening the production of the product. It’s a challenge involved in working together on both plants,” concludes the Plant A.